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Truthout Interviews Eisa Ulen on Genetic and Cultural DNA
From -- Who are we? Where do we come from? How do we construct our identity? A conversation about how we determine "who" we are. By Ted Asregadoo, March 2014

PEN American Center, Conversation
From -- PEN American Center, Conversation with Eisa Ulen, Bridgett Davis, Martha Southgate, and Chris Jackson, founding members of ringShout: A Place for Black Literature. The group discusses recent books by African American women. Part of a series of podcasts which took place at the 2010 Brooklyn Book Festival.

RingShout: "Laughing at Myself in the Mirror": Entire Event
From -- Special guests James Hannaham, author of God Says No, and Victor LaValle, author of Big Machine, join Martha Southgate, Eisa Ulen Richardson, and others for a discussion of comedy in black literature at RingShout: "Laughing at Myself in the Mirror".


TV Appearances

From the Fox 5 NY Morning Show

black english video
Eisa Ulen on Black English.

Obama on Race

obama on race
Eisa Ulen, writer, discussing Barack Obama's speech on race with Fox 5 NY news anchor Dari Alexander. March 18, 2007, 5:00 p.m. segment.

Brooklyn Children's Museum teaches kids about Kwanzaa
News 12 Long Island segment. Eisa Ulen Richardson took part in the celebration. December 27, 2011

Good Day Street Talk: The 'B' Word, Pt. 1 -- Fox 5's Christina Park and a panel of experts discuss the use of the 'B' word. Friday, November 9, 2007.

Radio Interviews

NPR Bloggers' Roundtable Discussions:

Bush Reflects In Final Press Conference.
Farai Chideya talks with Anthony Bradley of The Institute, Eisa Ulen, and Michael D. Cobb Bowen. January 12, 2009.

McCain, Obama Meet in First Debate.
Farai Chideya talks with Anthony Bradley, Charles Robinson of Charles Black Politics Blog, and Eisa Ulen. September 29, 2008.

NPR News & Notes
Bloggers discuss the news of John Edwards' marital affair, the shocking deaths of comedian Bernie Mac and singer Isaac Hayes, and Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's continuing legal woes. Joining Farai Chideya are Eisa Ulen of, Ron Scott of the Detroit News, and John McCann of Book of John. August 11, 2008.

Faking It: What Motivates False Memoirs?
Faked memoirs by authors Margaret Seltzer, JT LeRoy, and James Frey have sparked controversies in the literary sphere. For insight, Farai Chideya talks with blogger and writer Eisa Ulen, who teaches English at Hunter College in New York City. March 6, 2008

Tavis vs. The Obamas
Journalist Tavis Smiley's snub of Michelle Obama at his upcoming State of the Black Union, plus a dispute over the value of so-called "street lit." February 18, 2008

A Look Back
Black blogger power was definitely in effect in 2007. Their posts helped spread the word about the Jena 6 case and pushed for BET to change its programming. Here to look back on some of the year's top stories of the year are bloggers Eisa Ulen, Nashieqa Washington of Your Black Friend and John McCann of Book of John. December 24, 2007

Oprah Backlash?
Sen. Barack Obama's campaign is benefiting from Oprah Winfrey's endorsement, but is the "Queen of Talk" facing a backlash from some fans? December 17, 2007

NPR Interview

NPR Interview: Eisa Nefertari Ulen's 'Crystelle Mourning'
Forgiveness is good for the soul, but it's often difficult. Eisa Ulen tackles this issue in her debut novel, Crystelle Mourning. August 15, 2006


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