Black Parenting Matters: Raising Children in a World of Police Terror, On Rising Up with Sonali, July 13, 2016

Truthout Interviews Eisa Ulen on Genetic and Cultural DNA
From www.truth-out.org — Who are we? Where do we come from? How do we construct our identity? A conversation about how we determine “who” we are. By Ted Asregadoo, March 2014

PEN American Center, Conversation
From www.pen.org — PEN American Center, Conversation with Eisa Ulen, Bridgett Davis, Martha Southgate, and Chris Jackson, founding members of ringShout: A Place for Black Literature. The group discusses recent books by African American women. Part of a series of podcasts which took place at the 2010 Brooklyn Book Festival.

RingShout: “Laughing at Myself in the Mirror”: Entire Event
From www.pen.org — Special guests James Hannaham, author of God Says No, and Victor LaValle, author of Big Machine, join Martha Southgate, Eisa Ulen Richardson, and others for a discussion of comedy in black literature at RingShout: “Laughing at Myself in the Mirror”.

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